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Built on a Foundation of Excellence

Meissner Jacquét was established in San Diego in 1992 to specifically address the commercial asset and property management needs within the Southern California real estate industry. Our integrated team approach and strategic decision making processes have earned the respect of our clients and allows for our continued growth. With the unified efforts of our staff, Meissner Jacquét manages a commercial real estate portfolio of over 15 million square feet and has managed over 75 million square feet of commercial real estate since inception.

An Empowered Workforce with Proactive Leadership

Meissner Jacquét’s team approach in the management of our clients’ commercial real estate assets enables us to deliver reliable, proven results. Our inner drive for continuous improvement and our empowered workforce allows us to excel and anticipate client and property needs. We pride ourselves on being the forerunner in the business of commercial real estate.

Focused & Continuous Improvement

Our Mission

Meissner Jacquét is in business to enhance the ownership experience for our clients, to empower our team members, and to build professional, value-based relationships with our tenants, vendors, and industry organizations. Our goal is to increase our clients’ return on investment.

Meissner Jacquét is recognized in the real estate industry as a successful and reputable commercial real estate service provider due to our team of highly skilled professionals. Our staff shares strong academic and professional credentials and have achieved high marks in multiple professional and personal arenas.

Our inner drive for continuous improvement and our empowered workforce consistently strives to deliver superior services to our clients, and we are always looking for top-level candidates who can help us achieve continued success.

If you fit the Meissner Jacquét profile and are interested in a challenging and fulfilling career with us, please email your resume to our human resources department at hr@meissnerjacquet.com.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity
  2. Excellence
  3. Personal Growth
  4. Teamwork

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How We Work With Clients

At Meissner Jacquét, our goal is to maximize your commercial real estate asset by developing strategic business plans, instituting positive tenant relations, ensuring superior levels of tenant retention, and enacting long-term vendor relationships. Let us show you how we can accomplish your property goals and objectives and outperform your expectations.

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