Outsourcing Commercial Property Accounting Reduces the Bottom Line

May 18, 2016 MeissnerJacquet

Without industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology and systemized workflows, commercial real estate accounting can be time-consuming and expensive. So why should a property owner or manager hand over their accounting responsibilities? Besides leveraging resources, outsourcing property accounting services allows for scalable, innovative solutions that respond to changing market demands.

Due to Meissner Jacquét’s experience, efficiency and accuracy with property management accounting, we offer financial and accounting services as a stand-alone Corporate Real Estate Service allowing our clients to leverage our resources. Not only do we provide superior commercial property accounting services, we use the most advanced accounting and reporting software that enables our accounting professionals to design, implement, and track annual business plans, providing our clients with scalable and innovative solutions.

Institutional Software

Our accounting and financial services software is the best in the industry.  Yardi Voyager, our preferred cloud-based accounting software, allows for guaranteed business continuity with real-time, centralized processing and remote site linking.  Nightly backups, offsite transfer of data, and around-the-clock monitoring of server operation ensure comprehensive Disaster Recovery Planning.


Our accounting and financial services responsibilities include coordinating and ensuring completion of year-end audits, data to complete tax responsibilities, CAM reconciliations and billings, and the preparation of monthly / quarterly / year-end financial reports.  See below for all of our accounting functions that are performed centrally at our San Diego office.

Accounting Services

  • Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Tenant Bill-Back Charges
  • Record Keeping / Auditing
  • CAM Reconciliations
  • Financial Statements & Reports
  • Budget Entry & Reporting

Financial Reporting

Using the most advanced accounting and reporting software, our accounting professionals provide our clients with meticulously organized, timely and accurate reports, budgets, and files.

Accounting System

Our staff is well trained in the use of Yardi, which is designed for the support of real estate investment management.  The utilization of Yardi enables our accounting team to work more efficiently and deliver superior results to our clients.  In addition, Meissner Jacquét is adept at utilizing MRI or any proprietary accounting system the client may have in place.

Full Compliance

Real-time client access to revenue, expenses, cash flow, and bank statements, ensure client control.  Accountability and financial integrity are vital, which is why we operate in a SSAE 16 compliant environment.


Besides conservation of capital by eliminating redundant accounting staff and additional overhead costs, the advantages that our clients realize include the following:

  • Systematic workflows
  • Complete financial control
  • Real-time, remote access
  • Elimination of paper bills
  • Workforce flexibility
  • Increase in productivity
  • Conservation of capital

Meissner Jacquét’s accounting team members are experts in managing the finances of a property or a portfolio of commercial real estate assets. By placing your accounting needs in the hands of our qualified team, not only will you reduce the cost of overhead but you will receive the advantages of our institutional-level accounting software and our financial and reporting systemized processes and best practices.

To learn how Meissner Jacquét can save you time and money, contact Allison MacDonald today at 858-373-1354 or allisonm@mjcres.com.


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